Add animation functionality to mapImageLayer

Idea created by evtguy on Feb 27, 2013
    • evtguy
    • Ed.Harrell
    Some datasets, such as NEXRAD Radar images, would be more useful to the viewer if there was an ability to animate its content. The NWS publishes the Radar images in a format that is easily incorporated into web apps using the Javascript API. Using the mapImageLayer base, it's already set up with the ability to add multiple images. A user would simply add any number of mapImages to the mapImageLayer and then call two methods to animate the content: animateStart(2) and animateStop(). the animateStart() method would have one required option which would be the delay between images/frames in seconds.

    It's currently possible to create an animation but it is cobbled together using a window.setInterval method and adding and removing individual mapImages.This link has a demonstration of what this might look like. Click the button to start the animation.