Redefine calculate on the fly tool

Idea created by esrijay on Feb 27, 2013
    I've been looking for a way to calculate a field on the fly when a feature is created or an attribute changes.  Example.  Calculate a meters length field based off the shape length field, which is in the units of feet.  Another example create a new field that is a concatenation of a few other fields or a calculation based off two or three different fields.  I was looking for this intelligence inside the GDB but it is not present.   Is this possible with Feature Manager ... to do an intelligent automatic calculation?  

    It seems like this task will always require input, either from the user using a calculate field function in ArcMap, a tool in ArcToolbox, or code.  We need this to happen across different applications (ArcMap/Desktop, Web, and Mobile) so that is why I want to handle it at the GDB level, or at in Feature Manager, or something like that.