Add PDF content type or better yet let admin customize "types of geographic content"

Idea created by rgrichards on Feb 25, 2013
    • gdaumillerMSL
    • rgrichards
    According to the help page for, it controls the type of content we can upload to the account.

    But what if an agency has the need to upload files that are valid spatial or non-spatial content and  want to provide access to download or share this additional content? Some others might be special attribute tables, codes or additional metadata?

    The "Add Item" from this computer needs function more file type options or allow customization. Additonally registering weblinks should go beyond "mobile and web maps" the web links need a new category or option to possibly link to external documents, pdf files or resource tables. 

    PDF maps being another simple example. There is plenty of reason for agencies to have the need to share, distribute and maintain a PDF library of printable maps. Online dynamic maps do not cut it for these scenarios with regards to cartography and point-in-time mapping product so please add .pdf as an allowable content-type.

    Better yet allow the organization/agency control which content items can be shared. There may be reason for agencies to remove file/content types because they do not want publishers publishing that data type. It is a content management system and this should be a function that the administrator can make the decisions on.