Bird's Eye Imagery use in ArcMap

Idea created by SatishM on Feb 22, 2013

    My Name Satish Mogarkar and I'm user of ArcGIS 10 software. As it i am working in arcgis platform for long time (8 -10 Years).

    Currently my team is working in ArcMap for digitization of Building footprint (outline) using Bing areial Imagries. After that we divided building outline as per the House no or firewalls. Some place my team is finding difficulty to capture filewalls because imagery is not clear and the limitation of Aerial View in image.
    •           My seggetion is that can we use Bird's eye imagery with Aerial Imager of Bing in ArcMap digitization such as Building, road etc?
    •           Can we calculate the object height (For Building) using Bird's eye imagey (with his Isometric view) in ArcMap?

         Let me know your feedback

         Satish Mogarkar
         NOKIA L & C