How about offering the ability to editing all fields in joined tables

Idea created by infobleep on Feb 19, 2013
    It would be great if it were possibly to edit tables which are joined together and I don't just mean a few of the comlumns but all of the columns.

    Whilst it is possible to export a joined table, in doing so the original tables are not updated and if you do a show only matching records, you lose all the other data so not much help.

    The point of showing only matched records is to enable one to filter out all the unrequired records and focus on just those which match. However this does not mean that you don't want the other records, just that at this precise time you wish to focus on a subset of records that match.

    When I studied database theory I don't remember there being anything which said that editing joined tables was not good practise. I believe Oracle Spatial offers it. So I think it would be great if ArcMap did as well.

    There is the relate command but the results do not appear in the same table.