ArcGIS App for iPads

Idea created by JKing07 on Feb 8, 2013
    We are working on a large, multi-year project collecting field data using iPad and the ArcGIS App.  The iPad combined with the ArcGIS App give us a great tool with capabilities we would not have available to us otherwise. 

    Some background on the project. This is a 20+ year Capital Improvement Program with an overall budget of $4.7 Billion.  Our part will likely run 3-5 years, with us managing the data collection effort. This year alone we will be collecting data on approximately 35,000 private properties including between 12 and 30 individual features, each feature with multiple data entered and one to two photographs.  All of this data is being transmitted to the server over cell phone connections.  There are 20 engineering firms collecting data, at times we have as many as 70 people collecting and sending data to the server.

    We are running into two issues with the App:

    1.  Cell phone coverage is limited in certain areas.  A verison of the app that would allow disconnected editing would be very helpful. 

    2.  The iPad takes very good pictures.  Too good.  The file size of the pictures is large (2 mb) this is causing photo to be lost in cyberspace and the photos that make it to the server take up excessive room.  If we had control of the resolution of the camera while taking pictures we could limit the file size.  The settings on the iPad do not offer the available of changing the resolution.

    Thank you and Please let me know if we can be of any assistance in testing these or other new features.