Save the Geoprocessing results in XML format or allow Results to be imported from History

Idea created by enile on Feb 1, 2013
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    One of the options for Geoprocessing Results is "Never Delete". I use this option because I find the Results a great way to figure out what type of processing I did on a project in the past.  The Results window is a quick way to bring up the tool of interest with all of the variables set and by changing a couple of feature classes the user can then do the same analysis on other data.
    The downside of this technique is that after months of processing using ArcCatalog the application would take a long time to load, and even longer to exit.  The culprit of this issue is the "ArcToolbox.dat" file stored here:
    The .dat file becomes large and slows the application down.  Renaming the file solves the problem without loosing the results information, however it is not in a readable format.
    The History folder in that same location does store the same information in XML format so I don't understand why the .dat file is not readable.
    Another solution would be to allow the Geoprocessing Results window to open or import a History file from a specific date.  This should be easy since the file name is stamped with the date and time.

    Emmor Nile