Connection to ArcGIS Online should be on-demand

Idea created by maphew on Jan 25, 2013

    This idea has been merged with Disable option for ArcGIS online.

    Please add the ability for the constant "are you there?" connection test of ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Online to be on demand or when needed in addition to the current always or never.


    With 10.1 ArcGIS Desktop introduced ArcGISConnection.exe which checks for a connection to ArcGIS Online every 5 to 60 seconds. The minimum test time is user configurable but cannot be extended past the upper 60s limit.

    After vocal complaints in the forums, technical support cases, and elsewhere at Service Pack 1 users were granted the abiltity to: It is good that these options are available, I'm glad they're there, but the solution is too crude. The cost of disabling the always on connection is that then users cannot use any of the ArcGIS Online services, e.g. basemaps. I'm proposing that a 3rd option of "when needed" be added.

    I envision this when needed option working like:
    •           The default test-connection state is off, ArcGISConnection.exe is not running.
    •           In Arcmap when user uses "Add Data >> Basemap" or "Connect to ArcGIS Online" ArcGISConnection.exe is fired up and thereafter continues as is current practice, for the duration of the ArcMap/Catalog session.
    •           When ArcMap/Catalog is closed, ArcGISConnection is also closed.
    •           Any .mxd or .lyr files making use ArcGIS Online resources trigger ArcGISConnection to ON state.
    Please put fine grained control of the ArcGISConnection manager into the hands of users and system administrators. The current all or nothing approach is insufficient to meet the needs for many of your clients.

    Thank you.