Enterprise Geodatabase Encryption (Security)

Idea created by mousaem on Jan 24, 2013
    In Large Organizations that utilizes GIS Enterprise systems, "security" is one of the major challenges that GIS IT professionals are facing.

    Currently, many database management systems (Oracle, Sql-Server, DB2,...etc) are providing "security solutions" among them is "Data Encryption". Since, ESRI is providing "Geospatial Data Reposatory" which is the Geodatabase, the issue of securing and protecting these Geospatial data emerges especially with data classified as highly sensitive.

    My idea is the follwoing:

    Implementing a data encryption security implimentation from ArcSDE  Enterprise Geodatabase side (especially if i am not using any encryption soltuion from the database i am working on). This will enable the ArcSDE Geodatabase Administrator to encrypt  selected (feature classess).

    Also, ESRI will need to evaluate the perfomance of  encrypting "spatial data" with ArcGIS suits that are utilizing them such as ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server (Map services).