CityEngine scene export to Augmented Reality viewer

Idea created by 1_samlarsen on Jan 14, 2013
    I would really like to get my georeferenced CityEngine scenes exported to a format that can be consumed by an Augmented Reality viewer for viewing models on-site with GPS.

    There are currently a couple of software platforms that allow you to do this in the 3D & CAD space - one example is AR-Media and their AR Plugin which is available in a number of 3D design software packages:

    Having something like this: available from CityEngine would open up the software to a whole new world of opportunities (if it's not already available via a convoluted workflow).

    I would like to request either:
    1) another export option for CityEngine (*.armedia)
    2) A blog post or tutorial about how to go about doing this in alternative software package
    3) Someone to demo this end-to-end workflow at the 2013 DevSummit