Change (or variable added) to the Split (Analysis) tool - do not split overlapping areas

Idea created by RyanP on Jan 2, 2013
    • RyanP
    By default the Split Tool will create multiple polygons if the polygons to be split contain any overlap. I simply want to be able to split the polygons "as-is" without creating multiple parts within the new feature class for each overlapping area;

    i.e. 500 overlapping polygons in the source file would be split into 500 feature classes with only a single polygon each.

    If you run it as is, each output feature class will have multiple polygons where ever there is overlap...

    500 overlapping polygons will still create 500 feature classes although they may have any number of polygons within them.

    (This functionality (each input polygon = a single polygon feature class being outputted) was available in 9.x via the SplitLayersby Attribute script)