Create a GDB version on behalf of the user

Idea created by vgipiskishnit-baltic-lt-esridist Employee on Dec 20, 2012
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    We are working on the project, where sort of workflow/task management needs to be involved. Company IT policy requires changing the passwords 2 times a month, so we cannot have them stored in sde connection files and so on. Task management system for each task creates a version in SDE database, in which the employee should work using Web Mapping application or ArcGIS Desktop. Private version creating on behalf of user is not supported in current version of SDE. We have to create public versions, and we need to prevent organization employees editing geodatabase’s public versions, which they are not supposed to edit (especially when employees are editing data using ArcMap).
     We need a functionality in SDE, which would allow user’s having “Version Administrator” role to manage version on behalf of user:
    •         create version for user
    •         change version owner