Forum thread's "Up-Votes" number should be visible on forums

Idea created by mboeringa2010 on Dec 20, 2012
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    Although the forum system now has a very nice "up/down-vote" system for individual posts that also supports the MVP system, there currently is no way to see the number of "up-votes" a specific discussion thread got in the displayed lists of recent threads.

    This is regrettable, as it tells a lot about the "use-fullness" of a specific thread in the "ocean" of other threads. It is even more regrettable, as the current options for "star-rating" the threads are hardly being used, probably because it is to inconspicuously hidden in the top-bar above the thread, while the "up-votes" are being actively used.

    So you can have a very active and good discussion thread with great contributions by knowledgeable people, and having a dozen "up-votes" in the entire thread for multiple posts, but with no "star-rating", there is nothing to distinguish it from all the other lesser threads...

    *** MY SUGGESTION ***:

    Make the TOTAL number of "up-votes" cast in a single discussion thread visible in the overviews of recent or searched threads ("Today posts", "Recent posts", in all the lists of the individual forum sections, e.g. "Editing", "ArcGIS for Desktop - general").

    This will be of great help with judging what are the "good" threads. Much more than the almost never used "star-rating" system.

    This could be implemented via an extra column showing the votes, next to the number of "Views/Replies". Or maybe even a small colourful "bar" that changes length like a bar-graph depending on the number of "up-votes"...