Thermal Units Conversion Tool

Idea created by gisgal69 on Dec 20, 2012
    EPA has AP42 emission calculations for thermal units for certain chemicals, for natural gas boilers, fuel buels, anthracite-coal boilers, etc. and similar calculations generators.  It would be good to have a tool which could convert thermal units from (BTU/hr)/hp to MMBTU/BTU to tons/yr, or convert from 1b/10 6 scf to lb/MMBtu

    Units are in pounds of pollutant per million standard cubic feet of natural gas fired.
    Emission factors are based on an average natural gas higher heating value of 1,020 Btu/scf. To convert from 1b/10 6 scf to lb/MMBtu, divide by 1,020 and 1/2000 to convert to tons/pollutant

    Sometime like RoundingRules for Maritme Charting, but for thermal units.