Grant View Privileges and Revoke Edit Privileges Simultaneously in Change Privileges Tool

Idea created by 1_nheick on Dec 17, 2012
    • eatkinson
    • 1_nheick
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    • TIDB02
    • rgrichards
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    The geoprocessing tool Change Privileges should support the parameter combination View = "GRANT" and Edit = "REVOKE".  Currently, the tool will only validate for revoking editing privileges using the parameters View = "AS_IS" and Edit = "REVOKE".  I understand that you can't have edit privileges without SELECT privileges first, but the combination makes sense to me.  In the end, I want viewing privileges, but not editing privileges.  There isn't any ambiguity in the final result I am looking for with those parameters.  To accomplish this now, I have to revoke the editing privileges using View = "AS_IS" and Edit = "REVOKE" and then grant viewing privileges using View = "GRANT".  This takes two steps that could be combined into the logic of the geoprocessing tool instead.