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Idea created by HelenaFire on Dec 14, 2012
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         I am the Assistant Chief of the Helena Fire Department in Helena, MT. We are supported by a GIS division within our county that provides a great deal of information that is relevant to us as emergency responders. Recently, we have been testing android smartphones and tablets and have found numerous apps that are relevant to our fire department, among which is the ArcGIS app for android.  Our GIS department has created an atlas specifically for our department using existing GIS layers (building footprints, address points, hydrants) over a base map.  We are beginning to create a preincident planning layer in the form of pdfs stored in GIS servers.  We have also been using an app called CadPage, which captures CAD (computer aided dispatch) information for an emergency call that is sent out via a text message from our dispatch center. The CadPage app has a feature that allows the user to map it on their android device. When the app is initially set up, it asks for a mapping app on the device to use in the mapping process. As you will see from the video, a number of mapping apps are recognized, but ArcGIS is not one of them. Can it be?

         If it could, that would open up a continuous flow from the start of an emergency call, with its associated addressing and complaint through the mapping app to access any of a number of useable GIS layers specific to our jurisdiction.

         Here is another link describing how we're currently using Cadpage/Active911 apps;

         Sean Logan slogan at