AGO: Default Extent

Idea created by PHolleran-esristaff Employee on Dec 5, 2012
    • amyjliu
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    It seems to me there is not an efficient way to specify a default map extent for an organization.  Here is the challenge I have faced several times:
    An organization wants all of their basemaps in the basemap gallery to be centered on their jurisdiction.  This includes both their custom basemaps as well as Esri basemaps.  To get Esri basemaps to do this right now they have to:
    1.)    Create a new map containing solely the Esri Basemap of choice (say, world topo)
    2.)    Zoom to their AOI
    3.)    Save the map
    4.)    Share it with their Basemap gallery
    This isn’t much of an issue, but it has the potential to really clog AGO when the resultant map products are made public.  For a map containing one of these “custom extent” basemaps to be truly public, the basemap itself must be made public.  What results are a potentially infinite (as customer base grows) number of copies of the World Topomap, Streets Map, etc with the only difference between these copies being the title and default extent.  Since these are all public maps, they all have the potential of showing up in a global search.
    I would like to suggest we allow for each org to have a ‘Default Extent’ setting.  This would allow for the map to always default to the Org’s AOI, without the need to create duplicate products that clutter up AGO.