Scale reference options

Idea created by 1_ebnesom on Dec 5, 2012
    There are several older posts with somewhat similar focus. However they have not been promoted to the level of notice and don't quite address this problem completely.  
    I have a mapbook using a line feature (it cold be a page grid) with different length objects for the index layer.  
    1.  A short lines symbology is thick on one page.
    2. A long lines symbology is so thin it can't be seen easily. and the text is too small.

    If I set a reference scale that looks good for one the other is not right. 
    If I don't set a reference scale neither one look right. 

    1. add reference scale to the ddp dialog and dynamically change for each page with a data value.   

    another way with not as much control over the results would be (and I have thought of this for other fucntionality)
    2.  make the setting in the data frame properties for reference scale <Use Current Scale> "dynamic".


    In other words each time the zoom scale changes the reference scale changes.  
    I don't like that option as much in this context, but it would be useful for some other things.