Identify Required Metadata Fields

Idea created by TomThorpe76 on Dec 4, 2012
    In the metadata editor add an ability to identify which fields are mandatory metadata requirements.   Give managers/analysts the ability to turn on or off the metadata fields.  If an organization wants to require metadata that is in addition to FGDC or ISO standards they could right click on the field, get a drop down with a Required On or Required Off  options that turns the red box on or off.  Another function could be that if you choose a metadata field to make required, the TOC heading could also convert to Red Bold text.  

    In the Metadata Editor, Overview,
    In the TOC, click Citation Contacts and expand the selection to show Name, Organization, Position, Role.

    An  organization wants the Organization Field  to be mandatory.  Right click the Organization field and select the Required On function.  That field has a red border that turns on.  This should be hierarchaical so that the Resource Citation Contacts Border turns Red and the Citation Contacts title in the TOC could also turn red.  All the originating analyst has to do is follow the Red Text/borders defined by the data manager.