Provide more further functionality in the arcpy.da cursors

Idea created by csny490 on Nov 29, 2012
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    First off, I absolutely love the .da cursors. Best. Thing. Ever. But, I would love them even more if the included:

    1. Some more SHAPE@ keywords (but only if it's faster than getting these properties than using "SHAPE@"
         A. SHAPE@EXTENT: Would return a rectangular extent object
         B. SHAPE@FIRSTPOINT: point object of the first point of a polyline or polygon
         C. SHAPE@LASTPOINT: point object of the last point of a polyline or polygon
    2. An optional "spatial filter" parameter.... A polygon object where only features that were in or overlapped the spatial filter would be ruturned by the cursor. Honestly, I would be happy if it used just a rectangualr extent object. I can emulate this using SelectByLocation, but it seems it would be way faster/better if this could be handled as an optional parameter directly in the cursor.