Highlighted Records Count and Statistics

Idea created by alnesbit on Nov 29, 2012
    • spag911
    • alnesbit
    • frazem
    I am looking for values in my attribute table that require a multi-step sql process to find the correct values. If I don't have that many values in my last step I would like to just drag and highlight them. I think it would be wonderful if at this point I could see on the bottom of my table "(36 out of *2000 Selected) (20 out of 36 Highlighted)".

    OR what if I could right click on my Quantity field and use the Statistics to get Statistics of my Highlighted values - instead of just my Selected values.

    Maybe it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal - just use the Reselect Highlighted button, you might suggest. However, I need to get to my core 36 out of *2000 values again to do the next step. So this would save me from having to get down to my selected set again. And make the Highlight functionality that much more functional.

    Thank you