Attribute table properties

Idea created by durga637 on Nov 29, 2012
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              As we all know, the attribute table field properties has number format to display number of decimal places to up to maximum 15. If we have many fields/columns in attribute table, how can we change all fields/columns decimal places roundoff/display at a time ( I mean in single operation. Not changing each and every field properties).


    ColA:12.987654 ! ColB:34.20987766  ! ColC:89.654309877

              In one operation my output should be (Rounding/display to 2 digits)

              For Rounding:

    ColA:12.99 ! ColB:34.201  ! ColC:89.66

              For Display:

    ColA:12.98 ! ColB:34.20  ! ColC:89.65

              is there any method/tool to do this in Arcgis? If not available, better to  implement it??