Calculate Volumes of Rock Piles

Idea created by smartmap on Nov 27, 2012

    I get numerous requests to determine the footprint and location of waste rock piles. The request is given in the following manner- Volume of the rock pile, slope  of the faces of the rock pile (usually given as a ratio such as 2.5H:1V), and final height of the rock pile.  I would like a tool that does the following:
    The user draws the footprint of the rock pile at a possible site. Then using the slope of the rock pile and its height as well as taking into account the surface topography, the tool would calculate the volume of the chosen site.

    We have tried using the cut and fill  the surface volume tools in spatial analyst  but found they are not exactly suitable for this purpose. Currently much of this work is done using 3rd party programs such as Autocad's Civil 3d. But doing this within Arcview would be very useful.