Enhanced table view of data

Idea created by gjngeldenhuis on Nov 27, 2012
    A long time ago I used to do Windows development in Delphi. At the time I used some third party components which gave the user (the user of my software) immense control and power to very easily sort and categorize. The grid in ArcGIS looks like it got stuck in Windows 3.11 somewhere.

    I were able to allow users to drag and drop fields in the grid view that they wanted their data to be sorted by, allow them excel like filtering of columns and easy query building, handle large datasets and many more features.

    Having an enhanced table view could really catapult the usefullness of the table view and improve the abbility of the user to easily interact with his/her data.

    I include a link to the components I used. 

    The link is meant as a showcase of what I mean by better table view as a picture paints a thousand words.