Backup and Resotre of ArcSDE Geodatabase

Idea created by mousaem on Nov 24, 2012
    In any IT production system, backup is a must for reliablity and availablity. Currently the Geodatabase Architecture is tightly assoicated with hosted DBMS systems (Oracle,Sql server,..etc). So doing backup for ArcSDE Geodatabase depends soley on the backup of the DBMS. Another type of backup is backing up in a file geodatabase which has some limitations especially when it comes to versioned ArcSDGE geodatabase system, only the base table can be copied to the file geodatabase.

    It will be greate if ESRI provides either extended feature of the "file geodatabase" or a new geodatabase type, for example "BR Geodatbase" (backup and resotre geodatbase). This type of geodatabase will enable the Geodatabase Administrator to backup complex types of  ArcSDE Geodatabase systems (Versioning, Archiving,..etc).

    Having Native backup and restore feature, will be greate as it will maintain the integrity of the spatial data and preserve the structure. Also, this BR Geodatabase can be replciated to a different site as part of a disaster recovery plan (especially in critical GIS Real time systems).