Re-add ability to add an image to the tool item description

Idea created by FugroGermany on Nov 22, 2012
    • FugroGermany
    Since ArcGIS 10.0 it is no more possible to add an image into the items description of developed tools (ArcToolbox). Only a Thumbnail can be updated. A tool made in 9.3.1 and opened to edit the descriptions in 10.0 (or 10.1) shows the descriptions as XML?-Tags. After changing the source of <illust ...> to his new location, the image is no more displayed. Please re-add the "add image" button into the toolbar. The hotlink is not really a workaround:0EME0000000TU7Z
    This was the toolbar with an "add image" button in 9.3.1: