Basic Interdepartmental Use of GIS Services

Idea created by colindsay on Nov 20, 2012
    • rmolhoek
    • colindsay
    • jakek
    As a planner, utilizing GIS means all related questions come to me. After attempting to set up interdepartmental GIS use through ArcGIS Explorer, I have found that many of the basic tasks cannot be completed. 

    I would like to be able to teach other departments how to perform basic tasks such as generating a buffer based query that returns results in an attribute table. Or even open an attribute table to begin with. It would also be nice if I could display features in multiple categories (by zoning for example) without having to export the individual zoning designtations as shp files. 

    Basically I would like to offer basic use of Arc GIS Desktop through explorer since it is much more user friendly for those who don't have a passion for GIS but would like to access information for daily tasks.

    I would like to be able to do the following in Explorer:
    1- Open an attribute table
    2-Create a buffer and have the associated data be viewable/printable
    3- Label features as well as control the scale at which they are shown
    4-The "Find" tool needs to be much more user friendly and forgiving. (a search for 170 e hermosa lindsay ca will return an accurate result in google maps, while the same search in explorer will yield no results)
    5-Display features according to attributes.

    If I am able to some or all of the above tasks please let me know how I can perform them as well as provide more user friendly guides so that in the future others can use explorer with more ease!