Allow ArcGIS for Server administrators to require documentation from publishers

Idea created by bgodfrey on Nov 18, 2012
    Give Server administrators the ability to require service-level documentation (all or selected elements in the Item Description) be populated before a publisher can publish a service.  

    I want the ability to refuse the publication of services to my Server site if users haven't created documentation.  

    Additionally, take this a step further and give Server admins the ability to refuse publication of a service if layers in the TOC of the MXD don't have associated documentation.  For example, if a publisher has a feature class in the TOC of his/her MXD and it does not have documentation (ArcGIS 1.0 format) the service won't be published.  Provide an interface where an admin can select all or specific data elements and/or compound elements that are required for their Server site.

    Get serious about documentation.  Give Server admins the ability to enforce it if they so choose for services published to their servers.