Update COGO attributes for fabric parcel

Idea created by 1_tiffanypuett on Nov 13, 2012
    Partially Implemented

    Similar to the "Update COGO attributes" on the COGO toolbar, it would be useful to have this functionality for a selected parcel or parcel lines selected in the construction grid.  A typical scenario might be when you remap a certain parcel that ends up squashing an adjoining parcel line.  Now this typically doesn't cause you any trouble unless you need to unjoin the adjoining parcel.  Say the parcel line WAS 100 ft, but you squashed it to 30 ft (this applies to bearings as well) so that when you unjoin the adjoining parcel and then try to rejoin it you run into problems trying to fit 100 ft into a 30 ft hole.  

    There are times when parcel mapping calls for a little bit of estimation.  It's not the preferred way, but you don't always have a choice.  The point here is to be able to update an adjoining parcel's COGO attributes to reflect the new adjoining survey.  Thus, the new value should be flagged as "calculated" and with a lower accuracy level--that is--until a new survey comes along.