Provide tool to easily remove the field GLOBALID from feature class.

Idea created by 1_esri_sodak on Nov 7, 2012
    There are various approaches to remove the field GLOBALID from a feature class, but this should be something out of the box that takes care of this need.  For those that are quite familiar of the hassle of the lack of current functionality for removal of this field please help by voting to promote this enhancement request.

    The below snapshot depicts current esri context menu interface functionality to add Global IDs to a feature dataset's feature classes via a right mouse click on a feature dataset.


    The below snapshot portrays what esri could do as one option to help ease the problem to remove the field GLOBALID.


    Also request esri enhance their ArcToolbox --> Data Management Tools --> Fields --> Delete Field tool to allow deletion of the field/column of GLOBALID.  In turn this would make the software more robust in model builder and python.

    If there is an issue that esri doesn't allow the field to be dropped once created thinking it is still part of versioning, replication or related then esri should likewise enhance their product to unregister as versioned as a preliminary step.

    We don't want workaround solutions anymore of VB code, ArcObjects when we don't have an ArcObjects specialist on staff, don't want users have to delete from inside MS Access let alone run a script from within MS Access to remove fields nor do we want to use the Feature Class to Feature Class Tool when we just want to work with the source data.  We just want that straight forward solution that is already nearly at our fingertips per above request.

    Thanks for your read and consideration.