ArcMap & ModelBuilder: dynamic geoprocessing environment

Idea created by daroussin on Nov 7, 2012
    • nisha
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    • daroussin
    When specifying a geoprocessing environment in ArcMap by reading its values from a data source, e.g. ArcMap > Geoprocessing > Environments > Extent > Same as DEM, it is the data source name that should be memorized along with the ArcMap document rather than the read environment values so that these values are automatically (dynamically) reread and updated at each opening of the document.

    This would allow dynamic adaptation of the session to the involved data sources and thus, reusability of the document in other contexts than the one it was built with.

    For example in the current behaviour of ArcMap, if I create a document to process data for the state of California, say to compute slope from a DEM, and if I set up the geoprocessing extent to that DEM, then if I reuse that document but replacing the California DEM by the Ohio DEM, processing will output an empty slope raster because the processing extent of the document remains to California.

    This requirement applies to all environments read form a data source: extent, cell size, block data projection, etc.

    Moreover this requirement applies to ModelBuilder for a model’s geoprocessing environment properties as well as for individual tools’ geoprocessing environment properties within the model. Models are programs. As such they naturally apply to different data sources and thus should adapt to those (otherwise what’s the use of programming?).