Ability to create queries in web maps

Idea created by rgrichards on Nov 1, 2012

    How about the allowing the author of a web maps to deploy predefined queries for specific layers of a map service?  These predefinied queries could be associated to the registered map or feature service so they can be reused in other web maps. Dropping these services into a web map the web map should allow the admin to expose the predefined queries as needed. 

    Search for Park by Name?
    Search for Parcel ID?
    Search for Man Hole  Number?
    Search for Asset ID?

    A web mapping platform should support basic functionality such as a "query by attribute" tool and better yet since the maps are supposed to be predefined for end-users how about supporting predefined queries so users do not have to become query tool and operator experts. They won't know the difference between OR & AND and field data type issues?

    Not every map is address or place name centric. The search location option is very limited and not very powerful at the moment. (it does not even use the current extent for the location search) 

    We need search by attribute or predefined queries to make the web maps somewhat interactive and useful to end users.