ArcMap: make raster/vector symbology editing consistent

Idea created by daroussin on Oct 23, 2012
    • Aurore
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    • daroussin
    • frankgm
    1) It seems natural that a symbology that has been created for a vector layer can be reused (imported) for a raster layer if, for example, the vector has been rasterized. The reverse is true too, of course.

    2) Another point to illustrate the need for more consistent raster/vector symbology editing is the following. In vector symbology editing there is a possibility to add classes to the legend even if they are not found in the dataset (Layer properties > Categories > Add values button > New value field). This is not possible in raster symbology editing thus making it impossible for example:
       . to create a “.lyr” that anticipates classes for rasters to come,
       . nor to assign a graduated colour scheme to the legend in the case where, for example, the raster contains ordinal classes but one or more classes are missing in the raster.

    As a general remark: raster and vector symbology editing should be made fully consistent (same concepts, same background technology, same tools, same interface, share ‘.lyr’ files, etc.).