Input map guide locations along the ruler in an ArcMap

Idea created by bfindlay on Oct 19, 2012

    Currently, it seems the only way to add map guides on the layout ruler in ArcMap is to manually click and drag them to their correct location along the horizontal or vertical ruler. With a large format map this often means one must zoom to each map corner or other location on the map where they want to place a guide in order to place them correctly (to the nearest inch for example), as this can be difficult to do when viewing a large format map at say 20% of the actual size.

    It would be quicker and more accurate if when the user right clicked on the ruler somewhere, they were presented with the additional option to enter the guide measurements where you would like them to be set. If there was a better way to enter these, say perhaps in the Layout tab of the ArcMap Options dialog box that would work too.

    One simple way to input the locations would be to perhaps have one text box each for the horizontal and vertical rulers where the user could enter the measurement for the guide locations separated by a comma (e.g. simply [1,47] for guides at 1 inch and 47 inches along the horizontal ruler if you needed to create a 1 inch vertical border on the sides of a 48' wide map). 

    Having this functionality or something similar would definitely save time when putting together a map layout with multiple frames.

    I am currently still working on ArcGIS version 10 so if this or similar functionality was already added in version 10.1, I guess this is not needed and this idea should be disregarded.