Provide api to get FeatureClass Field names

Idea created by 1_sshetty on Oct 17, 2012
    • 1_sshetty
    The api provided by arcobjects does have a method to get field names of a featureclass. Inorder to get fieldnames  I have to open featureclass  IFeatureWorkspace.OpenFeatureClass method and iterate throught the field names. I noticed 3s delay on IFeatureWorkspace.OpenFeatureClass method which is very slow. A simple field names retrieval should take less than a second. If I execute sp_help or below query to get the field definitions it takes less than a second.  I would appreciate it if ESRI could address this issue and provide an api to get the field names of the object.


    [name] AS [Column Name]


    syscolumns WHERE

    id = (SELECT id FROM sysobjects WHERE [Name] = 'FeatureClassName')