Mobile App - allow zoom past the smallest zoom level

Idea created by dwelch on Oct 12, 2012

    A primary benefit (and a huge one at that) of the ArcGIS mobile app for iPad and Android is the ability to collect data. One of the struggles we've had using it in the field is that you can't seem to zoom in quite far enough to get a more accurate placement of data that you're collecting.  I understand that it is restricting the user to the predefined, and standardized map zoom levels, but it also doesn't force you to any of those on mobile (like browser based maps do).  I also realize that you can tap and hold to get a magnifier for a tighter degree of accuracy when placing/editing features, but this still is cumbersome due to the smallest zoom scale you are forced to stay at when using the magnifier.

    Giving the ability to zoom in tighter on mobile would greatly help the field collection process.