Reverse of Dataframe "Clip to shape"

Idea created by lauren_fagg on Oct 11, 2012
    I would like be able to do the reverse of Clipping the dataframe to a shape. That is; have all layer only displaying outside the shape, excluding one or two that will be displayed within.

    My example of how this would be used: I have a series of polygons which are my "Areas of Interest" which I want to highlight by having all areas outside these polygons hatched or witha transparent fill. ie. I want to be able to have my overall LGA polygon (Hatching) excluded from the inside of the area of interest.


    At the moment to acheive this I need to take our overall LGA polygon and union it with my areas of interest shapefile, then symbolise the non-AOI polygons with the hatching. If I need to do this with a  series of zones or similar, I end up creating many many shapefiles purely to display the map like this.