Enhancements to Campus Place Finder

Idea created by 1_aaronch on Oct 11, 2012
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    Having developed a similar application, there are a few things that can greatly enhance the Campus Place Finder to make it more scalable and have greater out of the box usability.

    - Find Place: Need to be able to search for buildings not just rooms.  On a large campus, just finding the building is hard enough.

    - Navigator: Change floor control box to a list box with a few values visibile and scrollbar when needed, but single select only.  It would also be nice to show the floor name but return the floor number in the code.

    - Navigator: Allow user to turn on all buildings of a given floor.  This is critical for multiple buildings that are part of a larger complex (such as building  M, MA, and N in the sample).

    - Edit Widget: Create an edit widget that would take into account the building and floor that features are added to.  This would work similar to the Attribute Assistant in the Campus Editing Template but be usable in a web format.

    - Rotate Map: If a building has a defined rotation, rotate the map to match the rotation.  This can be done in with data driven pages in ArcMap but would be very useful on the web as well.

    How about a mobile app template for the Campus Place Finder as well?