Parcel Namer crashes ArcMap when Lots and Units is not selectable

Idea created by arooo on Oct 8, 2012
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    • 1_tiffanypuett
    • arooo

    When I attempt to use the Parcel Namer tool while editing a fabric, and the "Lots and Units" (or it's equivalent) is not a selectable layer, the program crashes.  A simple error message saying "Please make the fabric parcels the only selectable layer" would be sufficient. 

    EVEN BETTER would be if the Parcel Namer would just make this layer the only selectable layer on a temporary basis until the parcels are renamed:
    1. User selects Parcel Namer tool
    2. Current selectability regime is stored
    3. Program sets "Lots and Units" to only selectable layer
    4. User selects lots and renames
    5. Program set selectability back to that stored in step 2.
    6. End of Function
    (Steps 2, 3, and 5 would be invisible to the editor)