User-to-user sharing on ArcGIS Online

Idea created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Oct 2, 2012
    Implement an easier way to share items directly with another ArcGIS Online user.  The current workflow for sharing items with other users is cumersome and involves many steps:
    1.           Create a group
    2.           Share items to the group
    3.           Invite user(s) to the group
    4.           Manually notify invitees that they have been invited to a group (there are currently no email notifications)
    5.           Invitees accept invitations
    6.           Invitees view content
    Creating groups for the purpose of sharing a single item also clutters up users' Groups page with one-off groups that quickly outlive their useful life.  Typically these groups do not get good/any descriptions, thumbnails, etc. since they are made for quick sharing.

    It would also be useful to enable a Dropbox-style sharing experience where a user could generate a unique URL to share an item privately with anyone (even someone without an ArcGIS Online account).  Currently, to share an item privately with someone without an ArcGIS Online account all the steps above have to be followed with the additional initial steps of inviting the person to your subscription account and then having them accept.