Remove layer selection step in layer query tool in Esri Maps for Cognos

Idea created by markgleveque on Oct 1, 2012
    • markgleveque
    When the layer query tool is enabled on a map in Esri Maps for Cognos, end users must first select the particular layer they wish to query before they click on a feature in the map.  It doesn't seem that this should be required.  When I create maps in ArcGIS online, I do not  need to select the layer before clicking on a feature.

    This causes end users extra clicks, especially if there are several different layers in the map that they wish to get information from.  End users also may not know the name of the particular layer that shows a feature that they wish to click on.

    The extra popup caused by the select layer option is also causing extra clutter in the interface and covering over parts of the map.

    I would like to see the layer selection step removed.  When users activate the layer query tool icon in the top toolbar, they should be able to click on any feature in the map from any layer.