Batch set default background value, update XML file

Idea created by on Sep 27, 2012
    • GUDA0150
    • curtvprice
    We routinely load hundreds of raster images in ArcMap 10. We also send our raster images to our end users. We set the datum and projection of each raster image for the customers, so they can drag and drop the images, but we'd also like to be able to set the default background value to make the white borders transparent. Presently this information can only be stored in a layer file, which is cumbersome for many hundreds of rasters, and end users are forced to do this themselves.

    While I have just noticed that there's an option in ArcMap to set the default background value to whatever on individual computers (255,255,255 in our case, below), I'd like to be able to store the background transparency default in the XML file that describes each raster dataset. This should be able to be set in a batch process, so we need do it once only, and have ArcMap recognise it each time. Then our customers could get the same, by default.

    Could this functionality be written into the XML description of each raster image, and ArcMap updated to recognise it?