Perpendicular Measuring Functionality in ArcGIS

Idea created by Dan22 on Sep 27, 2012
    Currently, out of the box ArcGIS does not have perpendicular snapping functionality in its measurement tool.
    Having this functionality incorporated into the software would be a benefit to my company which is in the Gas Industry.

    Our C&M manual requires that all measurements taken off of our assets (Mains, service, valves, etc.) must be taken at a 90 degree angle from that asset to an appropriate landbase feature (streetline, curbline, catch basin, fire hydrant, etc.).

    This would be beneficial for CAD techs, analysts and web users, when a quick 90 degree measurement is needed between two lines (streetline – gas main), or between a point feature and a line (valve – streetline).
    With the addition of GPS point features into EGIS, the ability to get a perpendicular measurement between a point feature and a line becomes even more important.