Definition queries by map layer

Idea created by 1_rdklein on Sep 24, 2012
    • 1_rdklein
    • duri
    • rchasan
    Ref. Idea, from my comment on making definition queries from selected features, I would amend that to have definition queries be possible in one map layer based on the features included in a map layer drawing on the same feature class, i.e. those layers created by right-clicking in the TOC and going to
    >Create layer from selected features

    This would better preserve the user's intent and let you transition quickly from one arbritrary subset to another without having to redo the selection process each time.

    If you give your layers created in the manner above meaningful names in the TOC, it would really help you track what you are doing at any time.

    Why pick definition queries from these layers instead of working directly with each separate layer?  Well, you might have symbology, labeling, scale ranges or reference scales you want to preserve as you alternate between subsets.  The layers in the TOC would effectively let you name different subsets in your saved project.