ArcGIS for Android & iOS: Personalized distributions

Idea created by on Sep 21, 2012
    • eatkinson
    In the same way that the ArcGIS Flex Viewer for ArcGIS Server is customizable without recompiling (via XML files you can configure a huge namber of parameters: name of the institution, language, etc), for those customers paying the ArcGIS for Server support It would be great to have the possibility of creating a personalized APK or iOS app that could be distributed via Google Play and App Store with the name of their institutions.

    The users who pay the ArcGIS for Server support need to deploy applications in the app store and Google Play with the name of their institution and preconfigured with the connections to their servers. The power of the ArcGIS for Android and iOS would increase and your code could be leverage more effectively if you could configure at least this parameters:

    -The name of the application.
    -The default icon of the app.
    -The default connections predefined to the customers servers.
    -The language of the application.

    And afterwards, to have the possibility of redistribute the APK or iOS app (if possible, without recompiling...)