Provide an Element Stack Window for the Layout View

Idea created by forknuts on Sep 20, 2012
    Complex map layouts can have many overlapping elements - multiple data frames, numerous text boxes, various graphics, logos and images, legends etc. Ordering these elements can become quite tedious and requires a degree of guess work to establish the order in which the elements are stacked.  The Layout View could benefit greatly from the introduction of an Element Stack (similar in concept to the Layers pane in many image editing porgrams) to enable the intuitive re-ordering of layout elements without the guesswork that is involved with the "Send to Back/Send Backwards/Bring to Front/Bring Forward" options in the "Order" context menu. Dragging and dropping an element from the bottom of the stack to the middle of a 20 element stack would be far better than right-clicking the element 10 times and selecting "Bring Forward".
    The stack could be a simple list of element labels, or a better option would be a list of thumbnails of each element.