Decouple HTTP Requests from client SDKs or support OAuth in client SDKs

Idea created by 1_lukepatrick on Sep 13, 2012
    Please make the client SDK's (like iOS, Javascript, etc..) more loosely coupled. Specifically, let developers have more control over the HTTP GET requests. The issue at hand concerns the security mechanisms used in your client API's (like iOS and JavaScript). Currently it appears ESRI only supports an api around the 'ASP' model of basic/digest/token. I (and you'll see with many companies that publish an API like Twitter, Google, etc...) have externally facing APIs that are secured with the OAuth 2.0 API. What I would like is either support of the OAuth 2 API in the client APIs or let me have the ability to set custom HTTP Request header values in the ESRI API's. I don't need matching consumption ability in the ArcGIS Server security.