Reintroduce the ability switch the side a tracing line offsets from another line

Idea created by infobleep on Sep 13, 2012
    • infobleep
    Overall I think ArcMap 10.1 is much better than 10. However ESRI removed a feature in 10.1 which I think would be very good and helpful to their customers/

    In ArcMap versions up to and include version 10, it was possible to switch the side a tracing offset from another line using the TAB key. In version 10 it also moved the feature construction toolbar as well. So you got two functions for the price of one even if you didn't want both to happen at once. You simply didn't get a choice. It was both or nothing.

    However now they have removed the ability to do either and replaced it with the option to switch on and off the feature construction toolbar.

    At the moment, I personally would rather have the tracing line shifted and the feature construction toolbar closing assigned to another key. Or the reverse.

    Yes I know I can use the minus sign when typing in the tracing offset but I don't always know in advance which side will be chosen. Secondly it takes more steps and ArcMap is suspose to reduce your work flow not add to it.

    But as I said to start with, in my use of ArcMap 10.1 over the course of less than just 1 day, it is much better.