Planning Zone Support

Idea created by MGLA__NZ on Sep 11, 2012
    From an urban design and planning perspective, it would be useful to have a "Zone" layer type which would allow either polygons (with assigned attributes) or esri raster dataset (single band grid file with assigned integer values) to be used to control starting parameters for the overlying "block", "lot" and "building envelope" (e.g. extrude heights, setback from boundary etc) across multiple blocks within a city.  

    Suggested built in starting parameters (which could be overriden by subsequent rules): zone name; max lot size; min lot size; max building footprint; min building footprint; setback from front boundary; setback from left side boundary; setback from right side boundary; setback from rear boundary; max height; boundary fence (Y/N).

    This would allow (proposed/existing) city planning regulation to be overlayed on a city scene to test
    the effect of proposed changes to the planning regime, or the better emulation of existing city planning environments.  This approach may also allow for ease of integration of existing ArcGIS geodatabase data.  This approach would also possible get around some the inherent limitations present within the current approach of using image "channel" data for "Map" layers.