Change default behavior for feature_dataset parameter in arcpy.ListFeatureClasses

Idea created by bixb0012 Champion on Sep 7, 2012
    • aewilson
    • bixb0012
    Given the vast majority of parameters for listing objects with ArcPy (ListFeatureClasses, ListDatasets, ListTables, ListRasters, etc...) have the default parameter as an "ALL" or "*", it would be nice from consistency and functionality perspectives if the feature_dataset parater of arcpy.ListFeatureClasses had an ALL option and the default behavior was to list all feature classes within all datasets for a workspace.

    Sure, it is easy enough to add a couple lines of code to list the feature datasets and then list the feature classes within them, but it makes more sense for the arcpy.ListFeatureClasses function to support such functionaltiy.